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Issue 3 - Winter 2011/12

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Anastassiya Andrianova received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Her dissertation, entitled A Spirit of the Earth: Vitalism in Nineteenth-Century Literature, examines the philosophical ramifications of the Vitalist movement in European literature, primarily in the British and Russian tradition. She is currently working on transforming her dissertation into a book, and regularly teaches global literature and mythology at Queens College, CUNY, as well as at New York and Fordham Universities.

Bruce Bashford is Associate Professor of English Emeritus, Stony Brook University, USA.  His essay "Oscar Wilde: the Critic as Dialectician" appears in Visions & Revisions: Irish Writers in Their Time: Oscar Wilde, edited by Jarlath Killeen (Irish Academic Press, 2011).

Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns currently works at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) - Facultad de Filosofía y Letras (Argentina)- as a Graduate Teaching Assistant for “Estética del Cine y Teorías Cinematográficas” (Aesthetics and Theories of Film),  taught by Emilio Bellón. He is a member of the research groups “Investea” (theatre and drama) and ArtKiné (film) and has articles on Argentinean and international cinema and drama in the following publications: Imagofagia, Cinedocumental, Teló, Ol3media and Anagnórisis-Theatrical Research Magazine. Presently he is working on an essay on Mexican horror film for Centipede Press and on an article on films starring Jorge Porcel and Alberto Olmedo for Humor in American Cinema, edited by Juana Suarez and Juan Poblete, to be published in 2012.

Dr Koenraad Claes is currently teaching at Ghent University and University College Ghent. His research focuses on nineteenth-century British print culture, in particular late-Victorian book design and avant-garde literary / artistic journals of the 1890s.

Laura Johnstone is a freelance writer and publicist for the arts. She works for her home in Ann Arbor, the beautiful city of her alma mater, The University of Michigan.

Thyra E. Knapp received her Ph.D. in German from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2008 and is currently Assistant Professor of German at the University of North Dakota.  Her research focuses on the intersection of image and text in twentieth-century literature, an interest first sparked by the literary journals of the fin-de-siècle. Recent publications in include articles in Seminar, Monatshefte, and German Quarterly.

Charles Marowitz is something of a triple threat – being a Director, Playwright and Drama critic – almost in equal measure. His play MURDERING MARLOWE was recently premiered in L.A. and published by Dramatists Play Service. His black comedy SHERLOCK’S LAST CASE won the Louis B. Mayer Playwriting Award and was presented on Broadway with Frank Langella in the lead role. A recent directorial credit is TEMPTATION by Vaclav Havel which he directed in collaboration with President Havel at The National Theatre of the Czech Republic in Prague. His latest play LOSERS was premiered in Carmel, California in early September of 2010. His column on art & politics appear regularly on, the bi-weekly internet magazine.

Kristin C. Ross is an Assistant Professor of English at Troy University, Dothan, AL, U.S.A. Her primary research areas are Victorian literature and the New Woman. She is currently working on a project that examines female education in the fin-de-siècle novel.