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Issue 4 - Summer 2012

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From the Editors:

Welcome to the fourth issue of UpStage: A Journal of Turn-of-the-Century Theatre.

We are pleased to announce that the Modern Language Association has agreed to index our journal - an event which, without a doubt, will have a positive impact on the growth and visibility of UpStage as an international scholarly venue.

In the new issue you will find

  • Margaret Stetz’s article, “J. M. Barrie and Crichton’s Three Islands,” which analyzes the enduring cultural impact of Barrie’s 1902 comic fantasy The Admirable Crichton and its political and sexual themes.
  • Robert Dean’s article, “Anempathetic Music in Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard,” which discusses the implications of Chekhov’s counter-intuitive use of the musical score in the third act of the play.
  • Helena Gurfinkel’s review essay exploring current and future research on Wilde’s and Strauss’s Salome and Strauss’s and von Hofmannsthal’s Elektra.
  • Book reviews: Irina Ruppo Malone’s Ibsen and the Irish Revival (by Louise Burns and Richard Mills); Marty Gould’s Nineteenth-Century Theatre and the Imperial Encounter (by Heather Marcovitch); a new edition of George Moore’s A Mummer’s Wife (by John McRae); and Sid Albert’s Shaw, Plato, and Euripides: Classical Currents in Major Barbara (by Lawrence Switzky).
  • Paul Elsam’s review of Stanislavsky Studies, a new online journal.
  • Anastassiya Andrianova’s review of a Phoenix Theatre Ensemble New York production of Strindberg’s The Stronger and Other Shorts.
  • Several calls for papers and announcements of interest to scholars and students of turn-of-the-century theatre

Our sincere thanks go to David Charles Rose, the Editor-in-Chief of The Oscholars, our webmaster, Steven Halliwell, of Rivendale Press, Richard Dietrich, John McRae, Jeffrey Skoblow, our Rose Garden colleagues and supporters, as well as to our contributors.

We accept submissions year-round and welcome proposals for special issues and suggestions for book reviews. Please consult our call for papers and join us on the UpStage Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates and announcements.

Helena Gurfinkel and Michelle Paull, Editors