THE OSCHOLARS: Special Teleny issue




Teleny : The Illustrated Edition


The edition of Teleny published by Mondial Books of New York is illustrated with eight linocuts ‘Teleny Series’ (Teleny 1 - 8) by New York artist Uday K. Dhar.  These prints can be bought individually or as a set from Mondial.

Original, handmade linocut printed on rice paper. Papersize: approx. 13.5" x 9" (approx. 34 cm x 23 cm); print size: approx. 9" x 5" (approx. 23 cm x 13 cm).  Matted, ready to be framed. Signed by the artist. Each print: US$ 75.00.

These images are exclusively reproduced here by kind permission of Uday K. Dhar and Mondial Books.  All images are copyrighted by the artist. They should not be republished on any other website or printed in magazines or books etc.


1.    teleny-1.jpg

2.    teleny-2.jpg



3.    teleny-3.jpg

4.    teleny-4.jpg


5.    teleny-5.jpg

6.    teleny-6.jpg


7.    teleny-7.jpg

8.    teleny-8.jpg



We thank Ulrich Becker of Mondial Books for his help.

ISBN: 1595690360 / 9781595690364



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