THE OSCHOLARS: Special Teleny issue









D.C. Rose


John McRae

Preface: The Genesis of an Immodest Proposal

John McRae

The Introduction to the 1986 GMP edition of Teleny

Dominique Leroy (tr. D.C. Rose)

Teleny, Étude psychologique : Introduction to the Pré aux Clercs edition





Jason Boyd

Teleny and Wilde’s Missing Gay Texts

Robin Chamberlain

Body Talk:  Physical Empathy in Teleny

Helen Davies

‘Such penetrating power’: Seeing Queerly in Teleny and Sarah Waters’ Tipping the Velvet.

Udar K. Dhar

The Mondial Teleny Illustrations

Robert Gray and Christopher Keep

‘An Uninterrupted Current:’ Homoeroticism and Collaborative Authorship in Teleny

Danielle Guérin

The Cover Story

Aaron Ho

Why Read Teleny?

Deborah Lutz

A Dictionary of 19th-Century Pornography: Teleny, Language, and Melancholy at the Fin de Siècle

Jon Macy

Teleny and Camille: The Graphic Novel

Diane Mason

‘That mass of flesh, usually called an arse’: Obesity, Sex and Death in Teleny

John McRae

Eros and Thanatos: Excess of Love and Social Constraints in Inferno, Othello, and Teleny

James G. Nelson

Leonard Smithers’ Role as Publisher of Teleny

Chris Tanasescu

Going Wilde in Romania: On Translating Teleny or The Reverse of The Medal into Romanian

Marcy L. Tanter

Analyzing the Rainbow: A New Reader Responds to Teleny

Tiffany Thomas

The Spahi as Scapegoat: The ‘Little Death’ transgressed in Teleny

Christopher Wellings

Dangerous desires: the uses of women in Teleny





Danielle Guérin and D.C. Rose

Bibliography / Checklist of Editions and Secondary Works

Divers hands

Notes on Contributors


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