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Theatre History Studies: Call for Papers, Volume 34 (2014), Special Issue: Theatres of War: Nationhood, Revolution, and Identity

Submission Deadline: February 1, 2013

While many subjects can occasionally capture our attention, becoming fodder for theatrical production and historical analysis, the concept of war is entirely ubiquitous, a daily feature of global human existence, whether it is experienced or reported, lived or consumed through media. Recent international conferences and scholarly working groups on the subject of theatre and war testify to the important scholarship being done on this theme.

For its 2014 issue, Theatre History Studies invites submissions that explore the concept of war (broadly defined) and performance. Essays might consider the following:

• Theatre/performances’ relationship to “war” (past and present military conflict, culture wars, the war on terror etc.)
• How war shapes and is shaped by theatre/performance
• Theatre as war propaganda and as resistance to war
• Revolution as translated into theatre/performance
• The re-doing or reenactment of war in cultural performance and in the theatre
• Imagining “theatres of” war: how space and time relate to constructions of “war” in performance (I am thinking of Rebecca Schneider’s recent work on Performing Remains)
• How theatre responds to and represents the embattled
• How nationhood is constructed or deconstructed through war-time performance

Send manuscripts (as .pdf documents) and inquiries to Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix ( Manuscripts should follow the guidelines in the Chicago Manual of Style. Illustrations are encouraged. Mailed submissions will also be accepted at the following address:
Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix
Department of Theatre
121 Center for the Performing Arts
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

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