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Issue 7 - Autumn 2015

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Dr Geraldine Brodie teaches Translation Studies and supervises the SELCS Writing Lab at UCL. Her research centres on the role of translation in theatre and performance, focusing on agency, visibility and collaboration. She is a frequent speaker and writer on this topic, most recently including publications in Contemporary Theatre Review and the Vita Traductiva volume Authorial and Editorial Voices in Translation. She initiated and co-convenes the UCL lecture series Translation in History and the UCL Theatre Translation Forum, and is co-editor of the journal New Voices in Translation Studies.

Dr. Richard Mills is a Programme Director in Cultural Studies and an MA in Irish Studies at St Mary's University College. Richard's research interests are in Irish Literature and Popular Culture. He has a PhD in Anglo-Irish literature from the University of Ulster and he has published on Irish themes in publications such as Irish Studies Review, Writing Ulster and books including New Voices in Irish Criticism (Four Courts: 2000), Popular Music on British Television (Ashgate: 2010), The Impact of the Beatles on Contemporary Culture (University of Lodz Press: 2010) and The Playful Air of Lightness in Irish Literature and Culture (Cambridge Scholars Press: 2011).

Trevor Boffone is a Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Studies with a focus on US Latin@ Literature at the University of Houston. His research centers on Contemporary Latin@ Theater, Chicana Feminism, Queer Theory, Feminist Theory, and Women and Gender Studies. He has published academic articles on the theater of Josefina López, Nilo Cruz, Carmen Peláez, Adelina Anthony, Virginia Grise, and Ramón del Valle-Inclán. He is currently working on his dissertation: (Re)Appropriations of Chicana Subjectivity: Josefina López, Chican@ Theater, and the Spaces of Performance.

Vania Papanikolaou completed her undergraduate education at the Department of Philology (Division of Music and Theatre Studies) of the University of Crete (1998-2002) and pursued graduate studies in theatre at the University of Essex (Master, 2005). She completed her doctoral studies at Crete University (PhD., 2012). Since December 2013, she has been a postdoctoral theatre researcher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.